Our People


Marty Velas


Marty is the heart and soul of our humble operation. He has held brewmaster positions all over the world and has now set his roots in the East Tennessee craft beer community by creating Fanatic Brewing Company. Marty brews world-class, drinkable beer, is always up for a good laugh, and by far has the best moves on the team.

zoe headshot.jpg

Zoe Velas


Zoe handles Fanatic Brewing content creation as well as social media and marketing operations. She oversees our website maintenance, social media platforms, consumer interaction, and entertainment event coordination. She can be found snooping around the brewery, a camera in one hand and a beer in the other.

kyle dolwick.JPG

Kyle Dolwick


Kyle is Marty's right-hand man and has proven to be an incredible asset not only to the brewery but also to our Fanatic family. He has earned a degree in Engineering, and the ingenuity and innovation he brings improves our operations daily. Kyle also manages our sales and delivery systems. He is wonderful to work with and great with customers when he puts on his "beerista" hat in our Fanbase pub.


Solange Velas


Solange is our brains behind the operation. She is the glue that holds everyone together, and without her there would be no Fanatic. Solange and Marty make an amazing team and an even better couple. Originally born in France, her strong spirit carries our team. 


Bryce Bare


Bryce is a valuable member of our Fanatic family, especially through Covid times. She has stuck by us and we are always grateful for the energy she brings to the Fanbase pub. Bryce is also a student at the University of Tennessee studying Business Analytics. Bryce is a hard worker, and her customer service is phenomenal.